20 Free Patterns for Crochet Flowers & What to Do with Them

20 Free Patterns for Crochet Flowers & What to Do with Them

When I started crocheting, some of my favorite things to make were crochet flowers. They were quick, easy, and they gave me a chance to try different techniques in bite-sized patterns. If you’re not seeing the image you came for, it might be because I’ve updated this post! This has been one of my favorite poets, but some of the patterns were no longer available. So I’ve updated it with even more free crochet flower patterns, new images, and better-written patterns that you’re going to love!

P.S. All these patterns and images belong to their original owners (linked). I didn’t create these; I just wanted to share their lovely work!

20 Free Patterns for Crochet Flowers

Small projects like these are great for using up scrap yarn! If you have a messy stash and need to sort and organize, here’s a handy inventory printable I created to make it easier.

These patterns aren’t in any kind of order, but they are all ones that I love and always come back to. Go ahead and click on the pictures or the titles to go to the patterns. Stay until the very end of this post to see how you can get a free ebook full of patterns and tutorials perfect for beginners. Now, onto the flowers!

1. Crochet Poppies Pattern

2. Easy Crochet Rose + Video

3. Sweet Daisies Pattern

4. Origami Rose Pattern

5. Cherry Blossoms

6. Large flower applique

7. Small Layered Flowers

8. Crochet Flower Pot

9. Gerbera Crochet Flowers

10. Crochet succulents

11. Autumn Berry Flower

12. The Neverending Wildflower

13. The Loopy Little Flower

14. Marigolds Pattern

15. Forget me Nots

16. Puff Stitch Flower

17. African Flower

18. Simple Daisy


19. Delia Flower Crown

20. Crochet Tulip Pattern

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