This Probably Is the Perfect 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto Build

This Probably Is the Perfect 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto Build

Lamborghini did not waste any time after introducing the Revuelto globally – the online configurator is already up and running. Since everybody is allowed to dream, we dove in, looked at everything, and decided on one final look. Here are the steps you must follow to create your own individualized Revuelto.
A Lamborghini with an electrified powertrain that has an output of 1,001 hp (1,015 ps) is something worth celebrating by anyone, especially as the Italian automaker decided to not downsize and kept the 6.5-liter V12 alive until the noiseless battery-electric architecture takes over.

The marque anticipated a lot of interest, so it prepared the web configurator in advance, verified that everything was running smoothly, and activated it so anyone can have a shot at exploring the Revuelto universe. This is a great marketing strategy for any automaker because it can help the customer build up the desire to finish the configuration in a dealership where even more options can be added, and a preliminary buying agreement can be signed.

But, for now, we will refrain from putting a downpayment on a spanking-new vehicle that’s estimated to cost well above €500,000 ($543,874). Instead, we took the time to explore the online build tool and discovered a couple of interesting things.

Aggressive magnificence

Right as we open the Revuelto landing page, we are shown the hypercar in its launch spec. But we preferred a blank sheet of paper, so “Base Offer” was our starting point.

The vehicle is finished in a tone of white called Bianco Monocerus and even though it looks striking in this simple yet intriguing color, it was time to let our imagination fly and explored other options. Customers are invited to choose from a selection of options that are put into six categories:

  • Sportiva;
  • Contemporanea;
  • Eclettica;
  • Classica;
  • Tecnica;
  • Ad Personam Palette.

Since this is a futuristic-looking vehicle boasting some of the most advanced technologies currently available, the “Tecnica” group of paints is where we first stopped. Blue Mehit seemed like a strong contender, but that was until we discovered the matte Viola Nebula. However, the shiny Verde Selvans out of the Sportiva color collection was what felt like the right choice in the end. Green looks good on a Lamborghini and since this is technically a part-time “green” vehicle, letting its exterior shine in a matching tint felt like the right thing to do.

Next up, wheels! Since the chosen paint color is fitting for an outspoken person, we wanted to make sure this hypercar will attract admiration even when it’s sitting still. So, the best option we thought of was the 20-inch in the front and 21-inch in the back matt bronze wheels with Triguero Forged rims and titanium bolts.

The brake calipers were next, and we wanted to allow the colors to play mind games with bystanders while also beautifully contrasting each other. Thankfully, Lamborghini has an Ad Personam option that works with the chosen body color – Verde Chiaro calipers. They match the fresh apple-like exterior of our Revuelto, as you can see in the photo gallery.

Enhancing a fighter jet-like road-going monster

Lamborghini offers an interesting Ad Personam option which finishes the engine grid in titanium. Although it doesn’t do much for the exterior look, we added this one too. The engine compartment can get very hot, and titanium is known to withstand temperatures of over 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit (600 degrees Celsius). Besides that, the pricier engine grid may better reflect the light coming from the upper stoplight and create a spectacular night view.

The next step was to pick a style package that can either cover some parts like the front bumper lip in high gloss black or the body’s color. The personalization continues even further with the under-headlight area, which can also be finished in Verde Selvans.

We also ticked the boxes for the Lamborghini rear side logo and the exhaust tailpipes in matt black.

Lamborghini was very inspired by the cosmetic upgrades for the Revuelto because one of the last choices we had to make while configuring the best exterior for the hypercar was choosing if we wanted a stripe on the rear diffuser. Since we chose some truly special wheels, adding a bit more contrasting color on the rear side of the car made a whole lot of sense. So, we went with the Bronzo Oreadi stripe.

The next part of the configuration process was creating a cabin in which two lucky people would love to spend time. Out of the many options available, the one that caught our attention was the Sportiva Trim, where we combined Grigio Octans and Verde Scandal to get an interior that feels very alive and futuristic looking. Inverted stitching also felt like the right choice that further complimented the cabin and together with the seatbelts finished in Verde Fauns and the fully electric and heated seats, we managed to create an almost unique Revuelto interior.

Some practicality is needed in any kind of vehicle, so the optional cupholder extensions had to be included. While we were there, the passenger display also felt like a nice addition.

Greatness does not come cheap

Lamborghini told us that the Revuelto would come with many advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), but what it didn’t specify is that all of them are optional. Since our build was already looking like something that could go over the $600,000 mark, we decided to add the Surround Assistance, Parking, and High Packs together with the Connected Services suite and the manufacturer’s tracking system.

For extra peace of mind and as the last step in our configuration adventure, the optional five-year warranty seemed like the right thing to add.

And with that, our 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto was done. You can see the exact options we chose in the attached .PDF, but be aware of the fact that it does not include an MSRP.

Finally, don’t forget to examine all the images within the photo gallery as it is a great way of discovering how the vehicle changed throughout the build process. Also, don’t hesitate to share your take on how our 1,001-hp Italian hypercar ended up looking or share your configuration ideas. 

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