Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared Dressed With Brabus Attire Becomes a Custom Snow-White

Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared Dressed With Brabus Attire Becomes a Custom Snow-White

They say that the story of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ could be true and rooted in deep history. However, we are now just going to refer to the possible outcomes of Disney’s 1937 fantasy musical flick.

According to recent research, the origins of Snow White could have to do with the story of countess Margaretha von Waldeck and her potential lover, Philip II of Spain, as the lady was famous enough for her beauty to remain in history despite her passing away back in 1554. Anyway, if there is any truth in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ story, we can easily imagine that their descendants lived on to do glorious stuff and potentially hit the New World and establish custom enterprises that mix entertainment with professional expertise and a sense of the ritzy stuff.

Hey, do not accuse us of thinking about the good folks over at Hollywood, California-based RDB LA as their potential descendants – but they do reside smack in the middle of the place where blockbusters are born, know their work around ultra-luxury and supercars, plus love to joke and fool around in front of the camera. Those are the assets needed to succeed in the world of modern social media, indeed, and it also helps that RDB fiddles with vehicles that are worth upwards of $500k on regular occasions.

Such as that trio of modified Ferrari SF90s (Coupe and Spiders, both), and the duet of carbon fiber-clad McLaren Sennas. Now their latest YouTube vlog episode is not slowing down any time soon, and instead, they have a string of interesting models. Chief among them is also a Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared which maybe thought it wasn’t enough to look the size of a school bus and also wanted to stand out in any posh crowd via a Brabus build.

One thing of note, this is not a full Brabus makeover, as only the front fascia was given the ritzy German tuning treatment – and also the carbon fiber hood with the vent is not functional, as opposed to all the additional lights (including those small yet cool blue ‘B’ illuminated logos). The G 63 4×4 Squared is still waiting for a nice set of aftermarket wheels to go along nicely with the second generation’s M177 V8 twin-turbo that now churns out 585 horsepower instead of the standard G 63’s 577 ponies.

Last, but not least, there are also a couple of supercars on display, of course. First, there was a stunning McLaren 765LT with the “wildest” MSO specification they have ever seen, which mixed a cool shade of green with black and carbon fiber, both inside and out. Then there’s also an amazingly dark and menacing Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, but that one certainly warrants its proper feature when more details are available! 

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