Stunning Cullinan Remake Offers a Full Arctic White Over Tiffany Blue Experience

Stunning Cullinan Remake Offers a Full Arctic White Over Tiffany Blue Experience

Unlike Scott Disick with his all-black Rolls-Royce Cullinan rolling with a crimson interior on 26-inch Forgiatos, other affluent owners have already understood that murdered-out style has become yesterday’s news for the British ultra-luxury SUV.

Fat Joe, for example, recently gave us a glimpse of his two-tone, white-and-blue Cullinan and even matched his attire for the occasion. Speaking of these serene colors that usually give us comfortably numb dreams of summer, five-star resorts, and crystal-clear oceanic waters, there is an even better aftermarket treatment for the hulking Rolls-Royce SUV.

The good folks over at Hollywood, California-based RDB LA have yet another Cullinan treat that eagerly stands out in any luxury SUV crowd and might easily shame any fan who thinks a Bentley Bentayga, Lambo Urus, or Aston Martin DBX could look more outrageously cooler than this. So, what we have here trying to mesmerize us into buying a plane ticket to the Caribbeans was a formerly gray Rolls. Not that enticing if the Cullinan remained stock, right?

Well, there is no chance for this SUV to become unnoticeable ever again via the complete transformation that includes an almost 100% monochromatic Arctic White paintjob. Even the classically custom multi-spoke wheels have been painted to match and as far as we can tell every bit of trim (plus the Spirit of Ecstasy) had the same snow-like fate.

Alas, it seems the aftermarket experts, or perhaps the owner (is that “Lil Momma” embroidery inside a hint that we are dealing with singer Lil Mama’s latest ride?!) still wanted to make sure outsiders would know what the custom heck is going on inside the cozy Cullinan cockpit. After all, this Rolls-Royce also went through a complete transformation to become a Tiffany Blue wonder and now even comes with a bespoke lighting setup to make sure it can turn any night into a carbon fiber-trimmed “daytime party!”


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