Star of the Forest Crochet

Star of the Forest Crochet

Hello dear ones, this is Mommy, welcome., the site that features the most beautiful and modern patterns, you will love and be enchanted by each one! This is a beautiful pattern that we call Star of the Forest Crochet to decorate your home, being an excellent pattern for using the amazing color combinations. It’s a simple crochet pattern and you making it with the best materials, the result will be even better, your home will love you, your customers or even whoever you give away!

Doily Estrela da Floresta is a pointed napkin with seam and bobble for texture and the napkins are circular, making them great designs for meditative crochet. These napkins can be a lot of fun to get different points on a stunning piece. Napkins, like crocheted mandalas, can be used as decoration on tables or even framed as beautiful wall art, or serve as a centerpiece for wearable designs, including hair accessories, or used as rugs, or can be rolled up in stones and other recycled materials. The mandala is originally a circle that contains within it drawings of geometric shapes, human figures, and various colors.

They are found in religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as in the culture of North American Indian tribes such as the Sioux. Mandala Meaning: The word mandala means circle in Sanskrit and is considered a symbol of healing and spirituality. For Hindus and Buddhists, the mandala helps in concentrating meditation practice and is commonly found in the temples of this religion. Colorful mandala with geometric shapes: Tibetan mandalas are made in sand and require a long time of preparation. There is no standard decoration inside the mandalas, so there are mandalas with the figure of Buddha, while others show only geometric figures.

The Mandala for Native Americans: Among Native Americans, the mandala is believed to have the power to protect and ward off bad dreams and evil spirits. For this reason, it is also called a dream filter. An ancient Indian legend tells that a mother could not get her son to sleep at night. So she sought help from the tribe’s healer, who recommended that she make a circle with a labyrinth inside and hang it up. The mother did so, and the child could sleep peacefully, because the bad dreams were trapped in the tangle of lines. The Mandala in Christianity: Although not used for healing purposes, mandalas are present in Christianity. The rosettes in Gothic cathedrals can be considered mandalas.

The fact that this symbol is widespread in so many cultures reflects the significance that the circle has for the subconscious. Since it is not a geometric shape found in nature, it perfectly translates the idea of perfection that human beings aim to achieve. The Mandala in Psychology: The mandala was also used by the Swiss scholar Carl Jung (1875-1969) to explain the human psyche. Jung made an analogy between the composition of the mandala and the three levels of consciousness we have. The central point of the mandala is identified with the self, the essence of our being, from which everything converges or radiates. The first figures of the mandala would be the personal unconscious, and finally, the furthest edges would be the collective unconscious. Benefits of the Mandala: The benefits of making and painting a mandala are many.

The person who makes it concentrates on a specific task and can channel his attention. In this way, he enters a state of concentration comparable to a mystical trance. Likewise, the same kind of focus that happens to athletes and musicians when they are performing their functions. In addition, the author exercises his creativity and decision-making power when dealing with the choice of colors and different geometric patterns. In this way, the mandala has been used for treatments in pathologies such as attention deficit, depression, stress, and as occupational therapy.

Let’s take a PDF step by step below, learn and create this beautiful Star of the Forest Crochet pattern and we will also make the free pdf available for download below.

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