Tempest Gray Rolls-Royce Cullinan Serves a Cold yet Warm Widebody Transformation

Tempest Gray Rolls-Royce Cullinan Serves a Cold yet Warm Widebody Transformation

While everyone is eagerly waiting for the first deliveries of the 715-hp V12 Ferrari Purosangue and 738-hp plug-in hybrid BMW XM Label Red, the aftermarket realm is undaunted in its pursuit of Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge happiness. Or outrageousness, depending on your POV.

These days, no wonder Rolls-Royce posted record figures for last year’s deliveries – as well as the sticker prices. And there is no need to take our word for granted, as we have an eloquent example with an OEM tag of no less than $560k! For the money, the customer got himself a rather ‘subtle’ Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge dressed in Tempest Gray rocking a four-seater entertainment lounge interior and a bespoke Mandarin orange leather trim that contrasts richly and deeply with the carbon fiber weave plus the subtle black touches.

Alas, since other people could also mistakenly order a Tempest Gray x Mandarin Cullinan Black Badge, it is never wrong to be (overly) cautious and make sure there is no limit to your bespoke project’s craziness. And that was precisely the case here once the aftermarket realm intervened. So, Los Angeles, California-based Platinum Motorsport Group prides itself on being a leader in the customization area for decades, again shows U.S. Cullinan fans why – and this time around they are not doing the posh ride for Kim Kardashian, most likely. Instead, that is for the Mansory enthusiasts, no matter how few of them might be.

Sure, we are kidding, as Jack – the host from Platinum – says they have done “a ton” of Mansory Cullinan builds. Albeit none of them was like this one, for several reasons. First of all, this Black Badge got the full widebody treatment from the tuning specialist in Germany, but the kit usually does not come with everything this example has. More precisely, the client also wanted an exposed carbon fiber hood and to make it fit with the big grille, the aftermarket specialist also added a matching carbon fiber grille frame and then orange-painted the insides of the grille slats.

Additional unique features include the complete swap of the OEM fenders to wider Mansory units that have a vented design with bits and pieces of carbon fiber. Speaking of the ‘little’ things, the massive 24-inch High Gloss Black Mansory aftermarket wheels also come with orange rings to complement the Mandarin interior and painted brake calipers. At the rear, there are also Mansory louvers for the final row of windows, plus the traditional roof and trunk wings, all dressed in carbon fiber – of course. Last, but not least, the Cullinan now sits lower to the ground on them’ 24s, and some of the exterior accents were repainted to better match the Tempest Gray x exposed carbon fiber atmosphere. Cool, right?

Alas, if you are sick and tired of ultra-luxury super-SUV people haulers, perhaps something crazy will better do the trick as a high-rider counterpart. If so, do check out the second video embedded below from the WhipAddict channel, which features Jay’s Customs’ latest creation – the J-Team van replica of the “A-Team” GMC Vandura, which came out to a local show complete with 24-inch wheels, a full Rhino Liner paintjob, plus a fake Gatling machine gun tucked behind the lateral doors! That is also a neat way to go to vastly different extremes, right? 


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