BMW M’s Most Powerful Model Ever Is This Grotesque Thing

BMW M’s Most Powerful Model Ever Is This Grotesque Thing

This BMW XM Label Red pairs a high-revving V-8 drivetrain with a powerful hybrid system.

The BMW XM is an ostentatious super-SUV in its standard form, and can tear up the tarmac while still being comfortable enough to drive anywhere in Beverly Hills. It will also catch the attention of those who weren’t expecting it in either situation. Now it seems that its standard 644 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque weren’t enough for M’s first-ever bespoke SUV. It will be the “most powerful BMW M model ever made” in the BMW XM Label Red featuring a hybrid drivetrain with roots in endurance racing.

The standard 4.4-liter, twin-turbo V-8 in the XM is a very impressive engine. Now, the BMW M team has found even more power by improving the V-8’s output to 577 hp and 533 lb-ft of torque, a 94 hp and 74 lb-ft increase that starts at 1,800 rpm and maintains power through 5,400 rpm. This is then paired with the 194 hp, 206 lb-ft electric motor to produce a total of 738 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque, enough to rocket this luxury SUV to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, making it the highest horsepower production BMW M vehicle ever.

Just like the regular XM, the Label Red is still able to drive 30 miles on the electric motor alone and at speeds of up to 87 mph with a 29.5-kWh battery pack (with a usable capacity of 19.2 kWh). The XM Label Red can also recharge that pack from 0 to 100 percent in just 3.25 hours using a 7.4-kW AC charger, aided by its battery preconditioning system that heats up or cools down its battery for the most efficient charging session. Because it is an M model, the XM Red Label’s charging cable isn’t just tossed in the cargo area, it comes in a weekender bag that’s secured to the cargo area with an M tricolor carabiner and belt. If you’re going to charge such a stylish luxury SUV, you can’t be basic about it.

With Power Must Come Balance

The Label Red also gets handling improvements, including adaptive M Suspension Professional with its electronically controlled dampers and active roll stabilization through its Active Roll Comfort. Integral Active Steering allows the XM Label Red to steer with minimal effort while also adding in rear-steer for precise control and easier parking maneuvers. The M Sport braking system brings its six-piston fixed front calipers to the Red Label with a set of single-piston floating calipers to the rear, but its braking abilities are enhanced thanks to the electric motors energy recuperation that recharges the battery while you’re braking.

With a name like “Label Red,” though, power and control aren’t the only things you need to improve over the standard XM. You better believe that the exterior has also been worked on to make it even more striking than ever. First, the body accent band can come in Toronto Red over the standard black. The model badges and wheel caps are also recolored red, but the surrounds of the grille and rear diffuser are finished in high-gloss black. The Label Red will come with 23-inch wheels as standard, but 22-inch wheels are available at no cost.

The body itself is painted in Brooklyn Grey metallic as standard, but owners can also choose from the more than 50 BMW Individual finishes at no additional cost. Also available is a special Frozen Carbon Black exterior paint, which is limited to a select few vehicles such as the XM. While Frozen Carbon Black XMs will have a dark on dark treatment, it should still pop from the use of high gloss black accents on the Label Red.

Label Red Society

Inside, you’ll find a mix of black and red motifs on the XM Label Red with its distinctive 3D headliner and pillar trims all finished in black. The diamond-shaped upper sections of the back rests, integrated headrests, and outer rear seats will use a red fabric. Red contrast stitching will be found on black surfaces of the seats, instrument panel, door trim, and center console while red accent trim will be found on the air vents. Other Red Label exclusives include a red “XM” badge below the BMW Curved Display and an interior trim strip done in satin carbon fiber with red and blue accent threads.

All the while, the Label Red retains the “sports car up front, M lounge party in the back” design the XM already brings to the table, but with further enhancements like offering a Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Surround System with a 1,475W amplifier and four additional speakers in the roof area. BMW Live Cockpit Professional, which is standard in the Label Red, works with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 5G mobile technology.

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