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Azur Lane: Slow Ahead! Trailer

Azur Lane: Slow Ahead!

Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!

10 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 13/13

Latest episode: 131211

Type: TV

Season: Winter 2021

Genres: Comedy, Military, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life

Studios: CANDY BOXYostar Pictures

4.9/ 5 4 votes

Parent story: Azur Lane

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In a seemingly peaceful time without looming threats of Sirens or war, shipgirls from different nations live together in harmony. Some girls, such as the destroyers Ayanami, Javelin, Laffey, and Z23, attend school. Others immerse themselves into various other activities, including sports, foraging, training, going to formal parties, or even vying for the commander’s attention! But one thing is for certain: the girls will continue to deepen their friendship in the pleasant port of Azur Lane!

Alternative Titles: Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!, Anime AzurLane: Slow Ahead!, Azur Lane 4-koma: Slow Ahead!, アズールレーン びそくぜんしんっ!

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