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A KITE(カイト)

47 min.

Status: Ep Full

Latest episode: 01

Type: OVA

Season: Winter 1998

Genres: Action, Drama, Ecchi, Police

Studios: Arms

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Sequel: Kite Liberator

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After her parents were brutally murdered, school girl Sawa was taken into custody by Akai and Kanie, a pair of detectives assigned to her case. Corrupt and immoral, they train the girl to become a weapon, dangling the promise of vengeance in front of the hapless orphan. From celebrities and politicians to influential businessmen, Sawa is tasked with assassinating targets selected arbitrarily by her crooked overseers. She executes every mission without fail, and her distinctive weapon has become infamous among the city’s police officers.

Physically abused by Akai, who is no more righteous than her victims, Sawa begins to dream of a life unhindered by the shadow of her “guardians.” One day, Sawa meets Oburi, a fellow orphan and vigilante. They quickly form a bond born of desperation and disgruntlement at the unjust world, envisioning a future free from the stain of murder.

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